Ukrainian Manpower Resources

Manpower resources is the population of working age (men from 16 to 60, women from 16 to 55) that works or does not work as well as working pensioners and teenagers.

According to the concept of labor force used by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the undefined concept is economically active population. This is the population of both sexes aged 15-70, which during a certain period of time offers its labor to produce goods and services. Economically active population is engaged in an economic activity that brings profit. Economically inactive population is people who are dependent on the state or individuals. This includes persons employed in the household or attending classes, unemployed, who do not seek employment and do not want to get themselves a job as well as pensioners who do not work.

The economically active population in Ukraine amounts to 18 million (in the end of 2015 – beginning of 2016), the economically inactive — to 11 million people. A good proportion among the latter group belongs to students who eventually pass into the group of economically active population.


According to the latest data of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine the employment level among working-age population (i.e. Ukrainians aged 15 to 70) decreased from 57,4% to 56,9%. The highest employment level among regions was in Kyiv — 62,3 % and Dnipro (59,2%) regions and the lowest – in Donetsk (49,7%) and Volyn (49,9%) regions.

The unemployment level in Ukraine is 9,9% of the economically active population, and 10,3% — among the people of working age, which includes 12,9% among people aged 25-29 years and 25,1% among young people under 25.

Manpower geography

The supply of labor resources in all regions of Ukraine is excessive. There are significant distinctions in the distribution of the working age population in cities and villages. People of working age account for about 60% among urban residents and about 50% among rural population. That means the cities of Ukraine are better supplied with people of working age.

There are regional differences in the availability of labor resources in Ukraine. There is a lack of manpower in agricultural production due to the outflow of young people to the cities.

Ukraine is among the countries where highly skilled manpower was formed virtually in all sectors of the economy. That is why manpower in Ukraine has very high professional skills and education level.