Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with developed tourism which is annually visited by a lot of tourists, mainly from the Eastern Europe and from the Western Europe, USA and Japan as well. Due to the advantageous geopolitical location, Ukraine has a high tourist and recreational potential, favourable climate, rich flora and fauna, cultural and historical landmarks of the world level, and the rapidly developing tourist industry.

A great number of cultural and historical complexes is concentrated in Ukraine. Central Ukraine is rich in historical monuments connected to establishment and development of Ukrainian statehood and culture, Southern Ukraine refers to a territory, where a lot of landmarks of ancient culture were found. Western Ukraine is distinguished by ethnic peculiarities, folklore and national architecture landmarks.

There are more than 200 thousand sites for tourism and more than 300 museums. The historical and cultural reserves (Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, Khortytsia) and historical and cultural reserves (Lviv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Novhorod-Siverskyi, Sophia reserves) are worldwide known. Palace and park complexes, ancient castles, fortresses, remains of ancient towns, pilgrimage sites (Pechersk Lavra and Pochaiv Lavra) have significant importance.

The following cities are the most popular among the cities for tourism:

  • Kyiv city – a historical capital of ancient and the modern Ukraine. There are a lot of ancient cathedrals and monasteries, broad boulevards, stunning views and a variety of cultural establishments.
  • Lviv city – a medieval “old city” and a unique architecture with Polish and German elements.
  • Odesa city – a port of the Black Sea, numberless beaches and a unique mixture of different cultures.
  • Chernihiv city – an ancient city having a great number of Old Russian architecture landmarks.
  • Dnipro city – relatively young city which has rich history, a lot of landmarks, interesting museums and the longest quay in Europe – 23 m.
  • Kharkiv city – the first capital of the Soviet Ukraine having unique architecture, numberless monuments, cinemas, theatres and museums.
  • Uman city – a city with one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.
  • Svaliava city – a curative resort of Transcarpathia.

45 resorts of national and international value and 13 resorts of local value are operated in Ukraine. There are more than 400 sanatoriums which can accept more than 600 thousand of people having rest for treatment.