The Largest Cities in Ukraine

Kyiv is one of the largest business, financial, commercial and industrial centre in Ukraine. This is location for: the government, the National Bank of Ukraine, the central offices of most corporations, funds and institutions operating in Ukraine and abroad. Though in Kyiv only 6% of Ukrainian population resides (2 million 867 thousand of people), 18% of GDP are concentrated here. The city is a major centre for banking, insurance and notary services, mass media, journalism and publishing in Ukraine and the largest centre for the arts. Industry plays an important role in the development of the economic complex of the capital. The leading industries of the city are electricity, engineering and metalworking, construction materials, food, medicine and light industry. Totally in Kyiv 485 large and over 4.5 thousand of small and medium enterprises operate. Kyiv industrial production personnel boast a high qualification level and a high proportion of engineers and technicians.

City of Kharkiv is administrative, economic, cultural and scientific centre of region with the same name (population – 1 million 431 thousand of people). In the industrial production field Kharkiv takes 5th place in the state. 667 industrial enterprises are concentrated in the region.

Kharkiv is machine construction leader in Ukraine. A powerful tractor manufacturing complex is set here. Pride of place goes to power equipment manufacturing, aircraft, machine tool technology, fuel, radioelectronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and consumer industry.

The share of machine engineering and metal working in Ukrainian manufacturing (the share of the region) is: 100% for tractor and combine engines, 50% for tractors, 100% for steam turbines, 55% for rolling bearings and 50% for benches and large electric machines.

City of Dnipro is a multi-functional regional and industrial centre, an important transportation junction of interregional importance (city population is 1 million 108.7 thousand of people). Dnipro was formed and developed as an encampment site for basic heavy industries – steel, machinery, fuel and chemical. 25 industrial enterprises out of 215 belong to the metallurgical industry. Their products vary from iron and steel to pipes of the most diverse intended purpose and many kinds of hardware items and metal constructions. The most powerful steel companies are OJSC “Dnipropetrovsk Pipe Plant”, OJSC “Nyzhnyodniprovskyi Rolling Plant”, OJSC “Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant named after Comintern “, OJSC “Dnepropetrovsk sizing roller plant.”

Zaporizhzhia is a major industrial centre and technopolis (population of 785,000 people). It concentrates almost all major industries, the leading position among which belong to electric power, metallurgy, machine engineering, metal working and chemistry. The basis of regional industry is formed by metallurgical and energy complexes (“Zaporizhstal”, “Dniprospezstal”, Zaporizhzhia Aluminium Combine, Zaporizhzhia Titanium-Magnesium Plant, Zaporizhzhia Ferroalloy Plant, Motor Sich, Zaporizhzhia Automobile Plant), manufacturing 12.1% of total volume of iron, 14% of steel, 15.6% of finished steel, 11.9% of coke, 26.5% of electricity in Ukraine.

Lviv is a city of regional importance in Ukraine, the administrative centre of Lviv region, national and cultural, educational and scientific centre of the country, which is considered to be the capital of Galicia and the centre of Western Ukraine. It is the seventh city in the country In terms of population (728 350 people). This is an important administrative, industrial and cultural centre of Ukraine, which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage cities. Lviv is one of the largest centres of education as well as fundamental and sectoral science in Western Ukraine. There are more than 50 universities in the region. Over recent years it has become a centre of information technologies in Ukraine and one of the three leading Ukrainian cities in IT industry along with Kharkiv and Kyiv.

Lviv region is rich in mineral products, i.e. coal, natural gas, oil, sulfur, turf, mineral wax, table and potassium salt, raw materials for cement, limestone and shale, marl, building and flame proof clay etc. A special Lviv wealth is a large supply of medicinal mineral waters, which form the basis of well-known European resorts: Truskavets, Morshyn, Skhidnytsia.