Purchase of real estate and land in Ukraine for foreigners

According to the Constitution of Ukraine, foreign citizens residing in Ukraine on legal grounds enjoy the same rights and freedoms and also bear the same responsibilities as the citizens of Ukraine, therefore, they have the same rights to purchase any property, but there are certain restrictions, among which are the following:

  • plots of land designated for agricultural use (now in Ukraine there is a moratorium on acquisition (purchase) of agricultural land).

According to the provisions of the Land Code of Ukraine, foreign citizens may acquire ownership of non-agricultural land within and outside the boundaries of inhabited localities – only the land plots with immovable property belonging to them as private property. Therefore, if you do not have Ukrainian citizenship, you are free to buy a non-agricultural land plot.

To buy an immovable property (apartment, house, land plot for development) in Ukraine, a foreign citizen, except for financial assets, should provide the following documents:

  • purchaser’s passport, passport of the purchaser’s husband/wife if the purchaser is married. The passport must have a visa and a stamp on the date of crossing of the Ukrainian border (made by the Border Service of Ukraine);
  • notarized translation of the foreigner’s passport;
  • taxpayer identification number in Ukraine of the purchaser, his/her wife/husband if the purchaser is married, his/her children if the children are the purchasers of real estate;
  • marriage certificate if the purchaser is married;
  • divorce certificate or death certificate, if the purchaser was married, but this marriage is terminated at the time of the agreement;
  • notarized statement – the consent of the wife/husband to purchase real estate, attested and certified by a notary, if the husband/wife are absent at the time of signing the contract;
  • birth certificates of children if the children are property owners.

According to the laws of Ukraine sale of an immovable property as well as a land plot is accompanied by a purchase-sale contract, which should be made in writing. In addition, the purchase-sale contract of an immovable property or land plot should be notarized and state registered.

It is worth noting that any restrictions on purchasing immovable property or land by foreigners are only applied to natural persons and legal entities registered abroad. A legal entity registered in Ukraine, even if its one-hundred-percent owner is a foreigner, is considered a resident of Ukraine, and it is able to use a variety of schemes to avoid legal restrictions.