Investments in Ukraine

After the signing of the EU-Ukraine Free Trade Zone Agreement in 2014 and deep controversies with the Russian Federation, Ukraine has changed its main trading partners. The European Union and China are increasing their share in Ukrainian export and import.

In the structure of export, the biggest share comes for the agricultural products and food industry with 42,9%, then comes the steel industry with 22,4% and machinery with 11,8%.

Ukraine is currently searching for new trading partners in different industries. The countries of the Middle East have interest for Ukrainian products and seek for cooperation in different areas, especially agriculture.

According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, foreign investors invested USD 3.763 billion in the economy of Ukraine in 2015. In general, during the last 25 years Ukraine has managed to attract USD 43.371 billion of direct foreign investments. Notably, 76.2% of all foreign investments came from the EU Member States; it amounted to over USD 33 billion.

The top 10 countries, from which direct foreign investments were attracted, are: Cyprus (USD 11.744 billion), the Netherlands (USD 5.61 billion), Germany (USD 5.414 billion), the Russian Federation (USD 3.392 billion), Austria (USD 2.402 billion), the United Kingdom (USD 1.852 billion), the Virgin Isles (USD 1.798 billion), France (USD 1,528 billion), Switzerland (USD 1.364 billion) and Italy (USD 972.4 billion). Investments from these countries amounted to 83% of overall amount of foreign direct investments in Ukraine.

The volume of direct foreign investments of Ukraine in other countries as of the end of 2015 amounted to USD 6.4 billion. By far the main destination of such investments is Cyprus (93.7%) due to its off-shore status.

Ukraine is expecting to increase significantly the amount of direct foreign investments in the country in the nearest future. For this purposes the applicable law on business, commercial and trading activity as well as investing is undergoing deep structural reforms to make foreign investors feel comfortable and secure in Ukraine. The presence of foreign business in Ukraine has always been a symbol of stability. The recent changes especially in the area of anticorruption efforts have been positively evaluated by many experts.