Import and Export in Ukraine

In the recent years, the focus of foreign trade of Ukraine gradually shifted from eastern countries to western neighbors. After signing of Free Trade Agreement, EU can safely be considered the main trading partner of Ukraine.

In 2016, the share of export from Ukraine to the European Union amounted to 34.1% of total export; the share of import from the EU into Ukraine amounted to 40.9% of total import.

Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Hungary are the main partners of Ukraine in the EU.

The basis of Ukraine’s exports:

  • ferrous metals and their products, ores, slag and ash;
  • grains, seeds and oleaginous fruits;
  • electric cars;
  • mineral fuel, oil and products of its distillation;
  • wood and wood products.

The largest flow of import from EU countries accounted for:

  • mechanical and electrical machinery;
  • mineral fuel, oil and products of its distillation;
  • means of land transport except rail;
  • pharmaceutical products;
  • plastics and polymers;
  • paper and cardboard.

Export to CIS countries made up 20% of total export of goods. Of which Russia, once the main trading partner of Ukraine, has 8.8%. Import from Russia amounts to 12% of total import. Russia remains the main trading partner of Ukraine, if we consider the individual countries. But exports and imports in the Russian direction is order less than the volume of trade with the EU.

Trade in services holds a notable place in international trade of Ukraine, in recent years its export amounted to 3.5 billion dollars, and import – 1.4 billion dollars. The largest proportion of services provided by Ukraine to other countries goes to transport services (freight ships, the transit of oil, gas and other goods through its territory, transit of passengers), communication services, different business, professional and technical services.

Due to the development of information technologies and highly qualified professionals in certain sectors of economy, Ukraine increases the amount of services export. It primarily concerns programming services, financial and consulting services. It is expected, that in the nearest time the volume of exports from Ukraine will significantly increase. As soon as the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union will enter into full force and effect, and the current restrictions will be lifted, the trade performance with the European Union will increase significantly. Ukraine is also actively developing trade with the Middle East, where important foreign economic agreements were concluded.